Experience our sector specific tools!

Recognition in the sector, thanks to specific Resolut solutions

After many successful implementations in the Airport Retail sector, we also made a clear move to the Tourism and Leisure industry. Thanks to the similarities between both sectors, this sidestep was pretty easy to make. In both sectors there's a need for speed and reliability, but there are also other similarities such as offering customers to pay in their local currency and handling/forwarding of orders. At Bovertis we yearly see an increase of our role in the sector. With this increase, Bovertis grows to be an expert here as well! In recent years, we gained experience with implementations at the Keukenhof, the Floriade, Coster Diamonds, Marken Express and Tours & Tickets in Amsterdam.

Not only we provided the above organizations with our POS systems, we also developed the associated ticketing systems. Please feel free to have a look at the section below for more industry-specific solutions.

Sector specific tools for Leisure en Tourism

  • Reservations.
  • Commission calculations.
  • Management of tour operators.
  • Pick-up on Return and/or deliveries. 
  • Promotions.
  • Multilingual POS & Customer screen.