Amsterdam Int. Airport Schiphol

At Schiphol Airport, various retailers are active under the collective flag See Buy Fly. All the retail disciplines are represented under the See Buy Fly flag, such as shops selling perishable goods and duty-free goods, fashion, magazines and souvenirs. In these shops, it is possible to pay with more than 10 different currencies.

Since 2006, the POS from Bovertis are able to process these various transactions and they are also linked to various online systems. For example, you can only buy items ‘beyond’ the customs area when you show your ticket. Your flight number is checked online and the flight information is shown on the POS.

By means of Airport Modules, our POS have all the desired airport functionalities available!

These are a few examples:

  • Connections with online flight information
  • Prices and tax free sales adjustable for each destination
  • Shop-in-shop
  • Home delivery
  • Registration of 2D barcodes via printed boarding pass or mobile phone.
  • Reports per each flight number, prefix, destination or country
  • Sales of products without showing a boarding pass, for cabin crew such as pilots and stewards, for example.

AKO bookshops

With more than 100 bookshops and approximately 800 employees, AKO B.V. is the largest subsidiary organization in the Netherlands for the sale of magazines, newspapers and books. The AKO shops are located in prestigious top locations in the main shopping streets in the Netherlands, at all the larger NS railway stations and at the airports of Schiphol, Rotterdam and Eindhoven.

Since 2009, Bovertis has been responsible for the supply of complete Point-Of-Sale systems to all the AKO shops. From the beginning, we have extended the Resolut POS system with a few customer-specific and sector-specific solutions. For example, we have connected all the lotteries to the AKO POSs so that fraud and errors are kept to a minimum.

This means that the contents of the POS are always correct!

In addition, we have connected the AKO webshop to all the POS. Since this connection was made, it has been possible for checkout assistants to order a book or another product directly from the webshop for a customer. This offers AKO the possibility to order in the webshop, from the POS, a product which is temporary out of stock. In this case, customers can choose to have the product delivered to their home or to collect it later from the shop. In this way, there will be less occasions when AKO has to say ‘no’ and AKO will obtain higher sales!

Our most recent project for AKO concerns magazine replenishment. By opting for a pull strategy from the AKO shops at Schiphol Airport, instead of a push strategy from suppliers, AKO ensures that the offer of magazines is better attuned to the demand, and that the stock levels are kept to a minimum. As a result of these amendments, AKO makes many cost savings. Bovertis supplied the necessary software so that AKO could opt for this pull strategy. Within an incredibly short period of time, all the necessary software in the AKO shops at Schiphol Airport had been adapted. In the press release below, you can read more about the replenishment project at AKO.