Resolut: The most complete solution!

Thanks to the versatility of our Resolut software we offer an excellent solution for retailers in various sectors. For smaller to medium-sized companies our Backoffice software is suitable for managing master data & stock. For larger retail chains our backoffice is very suitable as a mid-office between the ERP and cash registers. 

Within the tobacco and newspaper- as well as the book and magazine sector, we are well represented. Well known organizations in the industry and reputable local book stores already make use of our Resolut Suite. For this sector, we can easily adjust Resolut Suite with a few innovative sector-specific solutions.

A number of examples:

  • Replenishment of magazines.
  • Webshop interfaces.
  • Lottery interfaces.

If you would like to learn more about our sector-specific solutions, please feel free to read our AKO Business case. You can also make an appointment with us now, and we will be pleased to give you a demonstration of Resolut Suite and our sector-specific solutions!