Bovertis: the number one choice of airport retailers!

Our POS software can be found at all the international airports in the Netherlands and many airports in other countries.

You can find our point of sale software on the airports of Schiphol Amsterdam, Eindhoven Airport, Rotterdam- The Hague Airport, Maastricht - Aachen Airport, Brussel Zaventem Airport, Li├Ęge Airport, Flughaven Frankfurt, Flughaven Munich, Helsinki Airport, Oslo lufthavn, Copenhagen Airport, Cape Town International Airport, OR Tambo International & Johannesburg. Our most recent implementation concerns the supply of POS systems for the airports of Stockholm and Goteborg in Sweden.

With ResolutBOS all flight numbers and destinations can be managed. Through comprehensive journals all registered flights & destinations can be reported. Please feel free to read more about our Airport-specific solutions. You can also make an appointment with us now. We will be pleased to give you a demonstration of Resolut Suite and our Airport-specific solutions!