Resolut: extensive application possibilities

Thanks to the versatility of our Resolut software we offer an excellent solution for retailers in various sectors.

In 2005, for a large group of retailers based at Schiphol Airport, a POS system was designed for touchscreen POS systems with a corresponding backoffice application. The challenge during that initial period lay in the fact that, from the outset, the solution had to work within various shop formulas (fashion, alcohol, tobacco, souvenirs, jewellery and perfume). This forced us to design a dynamic data model with object oriented functional modules.

Our Resolut software can meanwhile be deployed in almost every retail sector and can be completely configured to the needs of our customers. In recent years, we have developed a number of sector-specific solutions which large retail chains work with to their complete satisfaction.

Our back office software is suitable for smaller shop chains to manage the master files and the stock. For large shop chains, the back office software is suitable as a mid-office between the ERP and the POS.