ResolutPOS Chameleon

An unique user experience!

ResolutPOS Chemaleon is our newest generation POS software. With Resolut Chameleon, we bring the user-friendliness of tablets and smartphones to the actual POS. As well as supplying the fastest and most innovative POS software, Bovertis now also supplies the most attractive POS system! ResolutPOS has the following characteristics:



  • Ease of use thanks to large fonts and a clear/modern GUI.
  • Similar look & feel on different devices.
  • Operates through Slide & Swipe technique.
  • Real-time data transfer with central BOS.
  • Multilingual.
  • Unrivaled transaction speed!

Unmatched performance & stability!

Resolut has its own small database, so that loss of data is not possible. If the connection is broken, the POS continues to operate without a loss of speed. As soon as the connection has been re-established, all the data are sent retrospectively. The user will not notice any difference here with regard to performance.  Since we are continually developing our ResolutPOS POS software, we enable your shop staff to work more quickly and more efficiently with the aid of our POS.

With Resolut, Bovertis has the perfect solution for virtually every type of retailer. Since we can expand ResolutPOS with a few sector specific innovations, we are able to supply a custom-made product to various retail sectors. Would you like to become acquainted with Bovertis and receive a demonstration of the new Resolut Chameleon?

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