Real-time monitoring of sales and POS transactions!

is our cash management system with which you manage and steer your various branches centrally. The application has a large number of standard reports which can all be exported to almost every format, giving you a complete overview of your shops. With the aid of these reports and the Journaal Browser (‘Report Browser’) with extensive filters, you will have a detailed overview of your shops on a daily basis. In ResolutBOS, you can manage the following, among other things:

  • Item data
  • Employees and authorizations
  • Promotions and cashier balance

The application is exceptionally suitable for use by branches where the local supervisors, and the central administration and marketing departments each have their own requirements. By means of a scope, each user only has access to that data for which he or she is authorized. Once you have amended data in ResolutBOS, these data can be distributed to every combination of branches. For example, with ResolutBOS, it is very easy for you to manage your articles and stock, to set authorizations for new shop staff and to start up specific promotions for the opening of a new branch!

All the POS transactions are sent in real time to ResolutBOS and are then immediately available in central reports. With the optional stock management module, you can manage the stock, and draw up and register orders, among other things. Resolut Mobile Inventory is a tool developed by Bovertis with which you can draw up an inventory of your stock.