Smart Mobile POS

With Smart Mobile POS Bovertis introduces an all-in-one payment terminal: POS, printer, scanner and payment terminal in one easy to handle device!

Less administration, more efficiency!

Shop employees can advise the customer and process the payment on the spot, making queuing a thing of the past. Smart Mobile POS is also extremely suitable as an additional POS during rush hours. 

Couriers, field engineers, and government personell; they all can now experience the benefits of Smart Mobile POS. Let us link your payments to orders and invoices and eliminate your paperwork! When a card payment has been approved a PDF will be send directly to your administration or the order can be closed instantly in the back office. A complete report of all transactions with details of each payment is sent on a daily basis. Smart Mobile POS supports all bank cards and international credit cards and even contactless payment cards.

Read here how the Dutch police have saved a lot of time on administration with our solution. 

Smart Mobile POS: Eliminate the paperwork!

Widely applicable!