Resolut Retailsoftware

Resolut is the collective name for all our software and stands for: Resolutely different!

Bovertis develops Resolut retail software according to the most modern development standards, and over the years it has developed a specialism with regard to the payment process and shop logistics. Resolut Suite is our most extensive package of POS software and management software. Resolut Suite is composed of ResolutPOS and ResolutBOS.

With ResolutPOS Chameleon, Bovertis brings the user experience of tablets and smartphones to the actual POS!

In addition, with ResolutPOS Chameleon, we supply the fastest POS system available. 

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ResolutBOS is the central POS and management system from Bovertis. 

In ResolutBOS, we have made it easy for you to manage item data, employees, authorizations, promotions and cashier balance.

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