Continuous drive for renewal!

Bovertis: Expertise & Passion

Bovertis was set up in 2005 as an ICT service provider for retailers at Schiphol Airport by people who are driven by a tremendous passion for supplying innovative retail software. By now, Bovertis has a large group of software experts available, with a great deal of experience within various retail sectors. Due to this experience, we understand like no other what standards good retail software should meet and how we can best develop and implement these.

During the development process, we focus on our customers’ needs, as a result of which they can run their business in a successful way. In addition, we react quickly to developments in the market, so our customers are prepared for the future as optimally as possible. The quality which we at Bovertis aim for is reflected in our Resolut POS software and management software and verified by our satisfied customers who work with this software every day. We are continually in dialogue with retailers in order to further develop our Resolut software in the right direction.

In addition to our efforts regarding the standard Resolut package, we see a continual challenge in developing sector-specific solutions. Because of these developments, Bovertis is considered a specialist by its peers and by retailers in the area of payment and POS solutions. Are you ahead of your time, and would you like to use the best that technology has to offer? Or do you keep hearing that what you want is not possible? Then contact Bovertis and we will help you to realize your vision.