Shipping company Lovers ready for Amsterdam Light Festival

21.10.2015 - Bovertis developed the new website and the associated ticketing system

Since 2005 we develop advanced POS systems for Travel Retailers. After international growth in the Airport Retail industry we also made a sidestep to the tourist sector. We could easily make this step thanks to the similarities between the sectors and the type of software that these kind of businesses need. Both the Tourism and the Travel Industry are familiar with peak times. Therefor speed during the checkout process is very important. In addition customers want to be able to pay in their own currency, interfaces are needed and companies extract a lot of data with the use of reporting tools. For Bovertis the increase of projects in the industry also means that more industry-specific functionality is added to the Resolut system.

The use of Resolut in the touristic sector
Examples of organisations where tourists are part of the key-clients and where our Resolut point of sale software is used are Gassan Diamonds, the Marken Express, Cheese Factory Volendam, the Elephant Parade, World of Delighs and Tours & Tickets Amsterdam. As from the start of this year shipping company Lovers from Amsterdam is being managed by World of Delights and Tours & Tickets. Lovers also chose Bovertis and made us responsible for an interesting project. For the next Amsterdam Light Festival, which starts this November, a complete new website and associated ticketing system had to be developed. Last week this website was launched and the purchase of tickets on this website is now on the way. As a direct effect of finalizing this project we can now also meet multichannel strategies if a company chooses to work with different contact and sales channels. 

Amsterdam Light Festival
During this annual festival for all ages, both the residents of Amsterdam and the city’s many visitors are treated to a spectacle of light. At the same time, the festival offers talented (young) light artists a platform to present their latest work. This year, the festival is dedicated to the theme 'Friendship' and can be visited from 28 November 2015 till 17 January 2016. Visit the new website now and book your ticket(s)!